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Saturday, July 26, 2014 16:09
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013 15:01

I climbed in honor of Captain Brian C. Hickey, FDNY Rescue 4.

If the family of Captain Hickey sees this, please know that I was overwhelmed with emotion as I climbed those stairs. This was my first stair climb. I must admit that there were 2 times where I wanted to quit because of the pain in my knees and shortness of breath, but in my heart, I knew I could not, because all I could think about as I looked up those stairs I was climbing was - there's no fire - there's no smoke - there's no people running down frantically. I could only imagine what Captain Hickey was seeing on that tragic day and I knew I had to continue and finish this climb for him and the others that were lost on that tragic day.

I am the son of a retired firefighter of 36 years. We were blessed because my dad came home after every call, after every shift.

To Captain Hickey's family, I wanted to do this climb to let you know, we will NEVER forget. I will not. I can not.

God bless the Hickey family, I thank you for Captain Hickey's service.
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